Beer Brewed in Sussex
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We can supply a wide range of Beers catering for the needs of your guests ranging from world beers and leading brands to local products and sponsor activation.
We’re proud to support local businesses and pleased to be able to offer a range of lagers and ales from Horsham based, Hepworth & Co. Brewers for your event and typically have at least on larger product on tap for larger parties and events.
Our event bars typically stock the following range, however we are able to provide a fuller range for larger events where required.
Blonde (5%)
Organic lager is made with English barley,  Admiral hops and German yeast. The hops deliver a floral note to the brew and the purity of flavour is protected by meticulous cold filtration.  A long powerful brew with a firm body and luxuriant head.
Saxon (4%)

A satisfying 4% alc. full bodied lager brewed to traditional German Purity laws using four hop varieties

Sussex Ale (3.6%)
Using barley and hops grown in our home county, Hepworth’s Sussex is a traditional pale ale at 3.6% abv with a full flavour and hoppy character. True Sussex Ale.

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